> Episode 110: Moon Weave

At the All Weaver, Cassio is in a white void of space. We see the clipboard dude who refers to himself as “Master of Ceremonies” questioning Cassio. He wants to know if she is satisfied with her character and is taking a survey. He tells her that she is merely just a concept, not real and is insulting her very much. Captain Cal pops into the void and is also questioned. He is told that he is an N.P.C. and there is a better version of him currently active in the game. Cal is perplexed and angry.

In another area still in the void, Prisma is there with Gogo. MoC questions her and she is very agitated about the possible metaphorical space and scares away the MoC with her glitchy-bitchiness. He turns to Gogo and asks her questions as well, wondering whether the character of Rex Decksetter was "flat" or "one-note."

We pan back to Cassio who engages MoC in Discworld questions to buy time to figure out what the everloving hell is going on. Meanwhile, Bridget is in the All Weaver room and is speaking her deep speech to Timeline A, she is trying to right the wrongs.

We then zip out from white space after Farook peeked in and MoC told him that he shouldn’t be there. We are then transported back to Timeline A, returned to our “normal” form.

The Moon of Triad, Circe is not right. The witches know that something is askew. The notes of deep speech leave and go to the moon- womp womp. A thin black line appears in the pink moon before it bursts. There is a n incubating egg left in the Moon Presence. It speaks, “Ahhh, that body which once was mine… I am reborn.”

All fall asleep into the nightmare frontier except for Bridget and Prisma (MP doesn’t know yet that she is awake).

Farook is in a water dream which is no nightmare to him. He revels in the expanse of water and fucks with MP and enjoys this domain. Cassio is in a crowded place where no one hears, sees, or acknowledges her. She is in pain and MP whispers to her, “Yes, see how you really are…”

Bridget is facing down MP, trying to wake the others. Prisma lets herself doze briefly to throw MP off and when MP attacks her with a bite her tank activates and it chips a tooth.

Farook continues to annoy MP and Casssio is in her nightmare. MP keeps poking at her insecurities and finally she roasts her way to escape. Farook, changes the dream to a desert and tapes his foot. He says, “You are no worm. You are no Shai Halud.” The sandworm swallows MP and Farook awakens.

MP shakes orbs out and pale botflies come swarming out. MP tells Bridget that she can end this if she submits. She wants to hex it but isn’t able to stop it. She does alter the flex. Cassio eliminates some of the botflies and Prisma ice beams some more of them.

Farook takes aluminum foil balls from the Pinchey craft kid and throws them at the teeth which shred them. Bridget wakes up D’Manda which Cassio lights the lighter to shoot through three more botflies. She hits but only incincerates two of them. Prisma misses with her ice beam and is pinned by the target. MP went to attack Bridget next.

Farook catches the bomb thrown at Bridget and throws it back at MP, it explodes and hurts it. Bridget continues with the ritual, using D’Manda and Pinchey as well. They are doing a dance and chanting even D’Manda’s weasel is engaged to help.

Cassio tries to gather flies to her but they attack her instead. The lightning that Bridget and D’Manda summoned after they engaged a ground pound up on the platform, eliminates the remaining botflies.

Prisma uses her glitter gauntlets to punch MP but they slightly malfunction due to her glitch. MP smirks at her but turns to glare at Bridget and D’Manda. Bridget pulls up a shield to hold Moon’s laster and she stabs it with a sharpened bone. It hurts the eye and pops it out.

Farook says, “False worm- you shall fall and you shall die!”

Bridget uses a laser hex to engage the dud bomb which turns out to not be a dud! It explodes and injures her.

KRUM JOINS THE BATTLE! He goes to grind the teeth of MP. Cassio swoops and shoots at MP with her laser pistol but ends up hurting herself and goes down.

Tamsyn awakens and casts a bubble at Rex but gets MP encapsulated in the bubble. Prisma hustles over to Cassio and uses her med kit and gives her 5HP back! (Because despite MoC- these are the best, true forms).

Farook uses his sword to take out MP’s other eye. Bridget gets on the lightcycle and D’Manda rides the pegs. D’Manda tries the ritual Athame at the MP but takes some damage. Farook goes to rip out some teeth but fails and the tooth spins and chews on him a bit.

Cassio hops in the ship to laster “The Son of a Bitch.” She shoots at MP.

Rex, in the Spirit of ‘77, damages MP with the torpedoes. Tamsyn’s want of magic missiles makes and takes damage. Prisma uses her mental abilities to uncover MP’s weakness. MP swings at her but she moves away “Matrix”-like.

Farook stabs it in the pink/red spot and pulls the trigger while Bridget uses a spell to drive the lightcycle into MP’s face. SectumSempra to wedge the ripped apart head. Part of the head lands on Mother and the other part careens out into space.

The crew obviously loots the scene.

Trial of Wickedness

The hexes fly all day long. The crew is honored at Deep Hollow for saving the day. Krum wins and gives a speech:

"This has been a wild week for me. I learned I could drip magic light from my fingers. I traveled to this incredible planet and learned about a whole new way of living and thinking. I got a worm that says wow. I know that I am an outsider, and that I don't know your traditions and have only just started to learn how to use this power that Agnes released into me. But I am willing and excited to learn. And I hope you will all be willing to learn from me as well. Like how to properly slide into the vibrato of the opening riff of Dire Straits "Money for Nothing." And how to safely work up to deadlifting three times your own bodyweight!! I want to thank my fellow competitors for their cunning and their wickedness. You made me dig deep and struggle like I was at the bottom of a deep squat with 400 lbs on my back on a fasting day. Absolutely SAVAGE. Speaking of, if she will accept-I would like my first act to be appointing Sister Bridget Bizap and her crew to solve the problem of the universe apparently coming to an end, which is totally heinous. Firefly House rules!"

In a post-credits scene, Gogo vomits up the holocubes and gives them to Farook to study. Some of them are half-digested, but possibly still useful!